Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Meeting E

We are headed to Arizona this weekend to finally meet E!  I have been a bundle of nerves for weeks now.  I'm not too nervous to meet her, but I am EXTREMELY nervous to meet her sisters.  I keep trying to think how I would react if one of my sister's told me they were going to place their baby.  I know I would want to be supportive, but I do know it would be hard for me to let my future nephew go.  So I hope and pray we will be able to have a nice time together and their minds will be put at ease once they meet us.  I have so many questions for E and I hope she is open to answering them.  The last thing I want to do is offend her!  But, I need to know more about the father.  Any information she is willing to give will help ease my mind.  I am also hoping we can talk about her birth plan and the openness we all want in the future. Most of all though, I just want her to feel comfortable in her decision to place with me and P and to have that decision confirmed after she meets us.  I keep joking with everyone that maybe she'll change her mind once she meets us in person, but that is a real fear.  I am SCARED TO DEATH!  With only 15 weeks left (Ahhhhhh!!!!),  we would be devastated if she changed her mind.  I still have a comfortable feeling whenever I think about her and I think everything will work out, but there is always a possibility it won't.  But, I'm moving forward with happiness and excitement, because that's the only thing to do. :)  We are SOOOOOOO excited to have Baby Boy coming to our home in August.


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