Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lesson in Patience

I was reading through blogs today and I discovered that the FSA Adoption Conference could have been counted as our Adoption Education Classes.  I couldn't believe it!  I was unable to attend because I was at Youth Conference, but had I known I could have used it as the classes, I would have missed Youth Conference and attended the FSA Adoption Conference.  I was sitting at my computer and I was just getting more and more upset.  I was upset our profile wasn't up yet, I was upset I missed the classes.  I even started looking at other adoption websites to see if we needed to go through someone else.  I was on the verge of complete breakdown when my case worker called.  It was like the Lord knew I needed a win right now and I got it.  All the paperwork is done and approved and it just has to be finalized at committee on Thursday, which means our profile should be up the first of next week!  I can't believe this day has come.  We are finally going to be on the radar and we could just be months away from having a baby.  It is such an exciting time and I am not going to let myself become discouraged.  I am going to move forward with HOPE.

We were headed to Provo yesterday and as we passed Ikea, P asked if we should stop on our way home and look at baby furniture.  I love it when he is excited about a baby.  I love it when he is the one to mention buying baby stuff, or say, "When our kids do this".  I know he is so excited to start a family and I hope that we will be able to bring home a little one very soon.

My 4 year old niece said a prayer last night that was so touching to me.  She said, Please bless that P and A will get a baby.  It can be a baby boy or a baby girl or a little Mexican baby or any other baby that someone wants to give them.  And I like Mexican babies, but any baby is ok.  Just give them a baby.  I love how candid and truthful she is.  I am so excited to be able to teach a little spirit about our Savior Jesus Christ and about our Heavenly Father's love.  I can't wait to be sealed together in the temple for all eternity.


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