Monday, October 10, 2011

Adoption Education Classes

P and I got to go to Adoption Education Classes this weekend.  I was a little unsure if I really wanted to spend 12 hours in classes.  It seemed like too much and I thought the weekend would be a drag.  I was wrong.  I loved it!  Other than a couple hours, I enjoyed every single minute.  I loved listening to the adoptive parents tell their stories and I loved listening to the birth mom's share their stories.  Our decision to adopt was reconfirmed to me over and over.  It was also wonderful to hear that I'm not alone.  There are hundred's of other families that feel the same way we do, that have been through the same struggles.  I developed such a love for our future birth family.  They are truly amazing people.  Their strength and love and selflessness is something I will probably never comprehend, but something I will be forever grateful for.  These birthmoms are truly the most exceptional people I've ever met.

We invited P's parents and my sister to come listen to the birthmom panel.  We wanted people in our family to understand that although our families will have great joy, another family will be experiencing great sorrow.  It was wonderful that we were able to share that part with our families, so when we have our own story and birth mom, we will have family members close to us understanding that although we are feeling happiness and joy, we may also be feeling sadness.

I am so extremely grateful for the opportunity to adopt.  I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knew us better than I ever thought possible.  I'm thankful that through a loving birthmom, I will get to experience being a mother.


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